Britain needs a reset, starting with #ExitfromBrexit

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Now that conference has settled Liberal Democrat policy on Brexit, the party has to present that policy in the right context. It’s essential that we go beyond merely explaining what’s wrong with Brexit. Rather than focusing purely on whether or not Britain stays in the EU, we must spell out a vision for an #exitfrombrexit that will make people’s lives better.

And in doing so, we must speak to Leavers as much as Remainers. Many who voted Leave did so because they know that this country needs a reset. So they voted #Brexit to press the reset button.

What they didn’t expect was the amateur-hour dog’s breakfast that the current government is making of Brexit. Instead of a fresh start, Brexit is turning into more of the same — an all-too-familiar story of uncaring, incompetent politicians presiding over muddle and disappointment that leaves the country in an even worse mess than when they started.

Brexit won’t fix it

Liberal Democrats need to drive home a message that an #exitfrombrexit is about getting on with healing Britain, not just staying in the EU. We need be clear that Brexit gets in the way of fixing the urgent problems facing Britain today — in housing, the NHS, the education, system and in left-behind communities.

We need to say we agree this country needs a reset. But the honest truth is, Brexit won’t fix it. Instead, it’s soaking up huge reserves of talent, resources and opportunity that are desperately needed to deal with the real problems Britain faces.

That’s why an #exitfrombrexit can give Leavers hope for the future as much as it does Remainers — because it will free up resources and funds to give Britain the reset it desperately needs.

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