Britain is in danger of losing #GE2017 in a 1980s timewarp

LA89221 via PRnewswire nowthatsmusic.comThe General Election on June 8th will shape the future of Britain. But so far, the #GE2017 election campaign has been stuck in a 1980s timewarp.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, egged on by the media, are still fighting the last war — the 20th-century battle between socialism and capitalism.

It’s time to move on, before Britain loses the chance to make a real choice in this election — one that looks forward to the opportunities and challenges of the world in the 21st century. Conservatives and Labour offer a fake choice, as if the only options are {big companies and the wealthy} versus {big government and the trade unions}.

As these vested interests and their stooges cling on to power, it suits them to see our first-past-the-post electoral system squeeze out parties such as the Liberal Democrats, who offer an alternative vision for our future. If we lose the chance to bring change at #GE2017, they’ll be able to keep Britain locked in the past for another five crucial years.

Those years will matter because, in the 21st century, all forms of top-down, central control are failing. Modern digital technology is changing the structure of business and society, of government and the economy. With our mobile phones and social media, we are all connected — and that gives individuals and communities a powerful, collective voice.

We need political leaders with the courage to devolve power to communities, who will stand up to corporate giants for the rights of individual consumers, workers and entrepreneurs, and who will ensure that no one is denied the opportunity to participate in society to their fullest potential.

That means Britain needs the Liberal Democrats, and others like them. Not as a halfway-house in the fake choice between big business/wealth and big government/unions, but as the only choice that will stand up for the interests of the people against unresponsive, monolithic power structures of any kind. Yes, detractors will point to examples when the party has not always stood its ground when it should have, but this is where its heart lies.

The future is an agile society, where you either move fast or get left behind. We can’t afford to wait another five years to start reinventing Britain’s archaic, top-down government and business structures of the past. It’s a big job but if we don’t have the courage to take it on now, it will be even more painful in the years to come.

No wonder May and Corbyn want to retreat to the familiar and divisive rhetoric of the past. But if Britain is to succeed in this new world, we must step forward together and seize the future.

Don’t let the Punch-and-Judy show of May and Corbyn suck us back into a recurring nightmare of Tory callousness, union militancy and economic blight. This country has moved on in the thirty years since Margaret Thatcher presided over the loadsamoney boom in the City while leaving 3 million unemployed to suffer the bust.

With the enough voices speaking up in Parliament for the future, we can be so much more than a retread of 1980s Britain.

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